1 Beer 1 Song

190 Yonah Mountain Vineyards and Tool

Episode Summary

We take an ABSURDLY long time (longest episode ever!) to drink a HILARIOUS amount of wine (srsly like ten bottles) and we lighten it up in the middle with a cool, refreshing ... twelve minute Tool song. Find out where to buy Yonah Mountain wines at https://youngamerican.wine/

Episode Notes

Eric Miller from Yonah Mountain vineyards visited the studio and brought a whole bunch of wine with him. As we talk about in the episode, we tried to do a similar episode a couple years ago, but the final product was nowhere near even our incredibly low standards. This time we pulled it off, and we learned a lot about grape juice. I thought about breaking this up into two parts, but it's really best as one coniguous conversation, even if it takes you a week to listen to. Finally, this might be the (unintentionally) lip-smackingest, mouth noisiest episode we've ever done (RUSS).

Some show notes:
9:30(ish) - we finally get into the wine and start with Sauvignon Blancses.
17:30 - we actually move toward the second wine, but it takes until ...
19:20 - a couple of Chardonnays!
~30:00 - lol a 12 minute song
44:20 - plug for The Trap Set with Joe Wong!!
45:25 - only six bottles of red left lolol, starting with Genesis 9 (Bordeaux blend)
52:30 - Genesis 10(!!!)
1:03:15 - Genesis X Classic (what even is this?)
1:05:40 - Andy Capp's snack things
1:12:50 - Katherine's Cabernet (o god)
1:15:25 - listener question from @gvonk, "If animals could talk, which would be the best conversationalists?" This ends up taking a ... really long time.
1:21:48 - Russ remarks that I don't edit these. This took me a week to edit.
1:22:10 - Totem Classic ("infused" with brettanomyces), lol jk
1:22:48 - "platently"
1:26:35 - We finally get around to the Totem Classic (despite being entirely dead at this point)
1:32:44 - "You're nailing the head right over the nail."

What a mess. So much fun.